I’ve been driving around for about a year with something under my car that rattles. Something is broken. At first it only rattled if I hit a big bump but it’s gotten increasingly more ratt-ly over time. If the road I’m driving on is not perfectly smooth – it rattles.

And it’s annoying.

If I drive far enough, I become truly irritated.

I haven’t fixed it because I drove to the shop and they asked for a crazy amount of money to fix something that I decided will not kill me.

So I’ve found another solution. For me.

I drive around town with my windows up and my music on. Always.

And so today, as I was driving to work, God asked me — and when I say He asked me, He didn’t speak in an audible voice. It was a knowing inside of my spirit.

He asked, “How long are you going to walk around with broken pieces rattling inside of you?”

How long are you going to address the broken pieces with things that simply drown out the noise and drown out the rattling instead of fixing the thing that is actually rattling?

And don’t you see the band-aid is just for you anyway. Everyone else can still hear that irritating noise when the road gets rough.

Yes, it will cost a lot – your pride specifically – to address it. To address the thing that is rattling. And no, it may not kill you.

But when you expose the broken piece in your heart. When you drive into the shop to be hoisted up on the lift — your brokenness is exposed.

But. It’s on the lift…

That you receive freedom.

You receive healing.

You receive a heart that doesn’t rattle.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

rattle not