You are called to walk.

You are not called to predetermine all of the dangers in the road ahead. You’re simply asked to walk by the Spirit.

Don’t fear what is ahead. Trust that as you walk, God’s got you. With each step He’s keeping you from stumbling. He has angels surrounding you doing that right now.

Try not to guess what is ahead. Or overanalyze your current footing. In doing this you’re trying to protect yourself. And that’s God’s job. Not yours. It is not your responsibility to keep your heart safe. No matter how hard you try, you will not ever be able to do that.

Yeah, as you pick up your foot to plant it on what’s next, it might hurt. And it might not! But God promises to protect you even in pain.

Hurt cannot eternally harm you because you are eternally free.

And that same exact step will be beautiful and full of life and joy, all the same.

So be free now. Walk.

God is the one who has paved the path ahead. Before you were born, by the way. Find peace with each mysterious step knowing He is the one who has it all under control.

photo by Jordan Pape