Light in the deep.

Flores, a light in the darkness.

In the deep of an African village in the middle of the world. So far deep that you wouldn’t be able to find it if I gave you directions. A beautiful daughter of God, spreading His Truth, piercing the darkness with God’s love and mercy and grace.

And what I saw. What I learned. Is that God is in the deep. His people are planted. He is strategic.

pray with faith, please.

For months, Guivens, talked to me about his brother James.  He was just a child when he saw him last. James was living 8 hours north of the orphanage Guivens called home. One afternoon, Guivens told me he heard his brother was sick.  He became so overwhelmed with the desire to have his four-year-old brother […] Read More

i walk away from Jesus.

I flew back to Austin last night after spending time at home with my family.  It had been a really long time since I have been home.  I realized something this visit that I’ve never really thought about in depth before.  Home didn’t change at all since I left last year.  And then I thought… Home should […] Read More

He will be our Peace.

When I wake up in the morning the first place I typically head is to the kitchen to start making coffee. I grab my bible, journal, and a pen and set them on the table before grabbing a match and lighting a candle. The mornings I love most are when the early morning sun trickles […] Read More

taking tragic thoughts captive.

The enemy is faithful to place imaginations in my mind about death; specifically the tragic death of my family. I start to wonder where I’ll be when I find out, and too often find myself picking up phone calls thinking that someone will be bawling on the other end with tragic news. I have dreams […] Read More

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