the jumping point.

Like no other time of the year, this season creates a sense of awe. There’s something in us that instantly becomes childlike at Christmastime.   There’s an indescribable beauty—that cannot be described in words. It stirs inside of us. There’s even a heavier weight on sadness because we all long to be joy-filled at Christmastime. There’s […] Read More

serve our city. serve our King.

  This weekend my church, Austin Christian Fellowship, will set out into the city of Austin to serve those in need.  It’s a thing we call Serve Our City.  Each month there’s a 5th Sunday, we serve as the body of Christ instead of meeting to worship in our buildings.  I’ve been working at Austin Christian […] Read More

waiting for big yellow trees

I’ve missed fall in Pennsylvania this year. I’ve missed the cool the crisp air.  I’ve missed the colorful leaves.  Fall always brings back fun memories; although at the time I wouldn’t have described them as such. I remember waking up early and angry on Saturday mornings to my dad telling us to put on our […] Read More

We built it.

  I met a man today who moved from New York to Austin in the 70’s. He came in on a bus with 10 other men who were from all over the country. He said they were all coming for one thing: To build this city.  He spoke of the hardship and suffering he has […] Read More

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